The Tully Center for Free Speech

2009 Tully Award for Free Speech

Frank Chikowore

Freelance reporter


Zimbabwean journalist Frank Chikowore was arrested in events surrounding the 2008 Zimbabwe elections. He was taken into custody while covering a strike organized by the opposition party, Movement for Democratic Change, which was demanding the release of the election results. Initially held incommunicado, he remained in detention for 17 days while police tried and failed to accuse him of various crimes. He was finally charged with public violence connected with a bus burning at the site of the strike and released on bail. He was eventually removed from remand after the state failed to prosecute him.

Chikowore was a reporter for the Weekly Times before government authorities closed the paper in 2005. He has since been working as a freelance reporter. He also runs a popular blog that provided critical coverage of the presidential election and its aftermath, but the government has placed tight restrictions on it.

Read coverage of Chikowore’s visit to the Newhouse School from ABC News. 

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