The Tully Center for Free Speech


Audrey Burian –  Special Project Assistant

Audrey Burian

As the special project assistant at the Newhouse School, Burian lends support to faculty members who are working on special projects. Her job is multifaceted as she helps facilitate a diverse array of events and programs at the Newhouse School. She has worked for the Tully Center since it was established in 2006 and it is now one of the primary components of her position.

Robert Gaudio – Research Assistant

MAIR Student Composite Photos

Robert Gaudio is a master’s student in the public diplomacy program, which is a joint degree program with the Newhouse School and the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. His focus is in Latin America, public diplomacy and public affairs. Before pursuing a graduate degree Robert received a B.A. in  english and political science from Syracuse University.

Erika Haas – Undergraduate Representative


Erika Haas is a dual magazine journalism and political science major at Syracuse University. She enjoys tackling controversial issues in the areas of politics, religion and social conflict.